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If the Soleil Ceramic Heater Not Working, it may be because of a faulty power supply, malfunction of fan functions, bad heating elements, tripped circuit breaker.

Also, overloaded thermal, lack of airflow and the defective thermostat also stop the normal working of the heater.

Here, you will get the complete solution guide to fix the problem easily. If you are having this issue with your unit, stay connected with us till the end.

Table of Contents

  • Soleil Ceramic Heater Not Working [7 Easy Solutions]
  • 1. Malfunctioning of Power Supply
  • 2. Heater Fan Not Working
  • 3. Bad heating element
  • 4. There May Have Thermal Overload Issues
  • How To Reset Soleil Ceramic Heater?
  • 5. Blocked Air Filters
  • 6. Faulty Thermostat Setting
  • 7. Tripped Circuit Breaker
  • FAQ:
  • How do you turn on a Soleil ceramic heater?
  • Final Verdict:

Soleil Ceramic Heater Not Working [7 Easy Solutions]

There are major reasons for the heaternot working. Below, you will find a crystal clear description of each one with solving procedures. So, let’s get started.

1. Malfunctioning of Power Supply

It is the most common reason behind stopping the heater operation. When there is not a sufficient power supply, the heater will catch several issues. The major reasons for faulty power supply are;

  • Faulty switch
  • Blown fuses
  • Burned power cord
  • Loosely plugged in
  • Defective outlets
  • Damaged power socket
  • Insufficientvoltage and wattage supply

Here, we have included the effective steps to fix this issue:


  • Start by checking the power switch. Replace it if you find any faults there.
  • Then, check the power cord if it is well-working or not. If needed, replace it.
  • Now measure the voltage and wattage of the furnace. Here, the heater needs 1500 Watts (W) or 1.5 kW for operating it.
  • Verify all the heater’s wires are not damaged or defective.
  • Finally, plug the heater in tightly and turn it on the heater.

2. Heater Fan Not Working

Faulty fan wiring is the main culprit. If the fan stops functioning, the heater becomes overheated and will stop operating as well. So, in the case of the heater not working, keep your attention on the fan sensibly. Let’s know the reasons first;

  • Short-circuited wire
  • Defective fan motor
  • Obstacles in the motor and fan blades
  • Dirty fan blades
  • Loose wire connectionwith the fan
  • Faulty switch

No worries. Fix the major problem by following below guides:


  • First of all, turn the heater off and unplug it.
  • Then, unscrew the fan cover and inspect it.
  • Check out the wires attached to the fan. Fix all the loose, damaged wires.
  • After that, clean the debris from the fan blades.
  • Verify the motor is well operating and that there are no obstacles.

3. Bad heating element

It is in the row of most possible causes for the heater malfunctioning. They have several sensitive heating elements thatconvert electrical energy into heat or thermal energy, maintaining the Joule heating principle.

However, for various reasons, it got defective. Now it’s the fixing time.


  • First, turn off the heater and unplug it from the main power line.
  • Then, unscrew the heater and disassemble it.
  • Now take a multi-meter and start measuring the resistance of each element. If you find high resistance, then all these are all right.
  • If not, there may have broken or burned.
  • Also, check the entire wirings. If any attached wires are worn-out, you have to replace them.
  • In the case of fixing faulty heating elements, it will be better to contact the manufacturer.

4. There May Have Thermal Overload Issues

Almost in every modern heater, you will find safety features. It is optimized in the heater for safety purposes. Like other heaters, Soleil ceramic heat has a safety protector switch and thermal overload system.

The thermal system mainly relies on the heating sensor for detecting the temperature. When it catches any uneven temperature, immediately it stops the normal working of the unit. In this case, the only way is to reset the heater.

How To Reset Soleil Ceramic Heater?

  • Turn off the heater and disconnect it from the power socket.
  • Then leave the heater for about 10-15 minutes and let it cool.
  • Plugin the heater and turn it back on.
  • If still the same issue persists, there may have been a melted heat sensor. Replace it.

5. Blocked Air Filters

When the heater operates, it produces a massive amount of heat that needs to flow out from the vents.

If the vents are blocked, it becomes an obstacle for air flowing. Thus, the heater becomes overheated and stops normal working. If it is so long to clean the furnace, it is the right time:


  • Before starting the cleaning, turn off the heater and cool it properly.
  • Then, clean the filters first.
  • Wipe down the grills with a damp cloth.
  • Maintain the cleaning activities periodically to ensure fluent heater operation.

6. Faulty Thermostat Setting

The primary function of a thermostat is to set the temperature to the desired level. If your furnace stops working, they have the below reasons:

  • Reached the desired temperature
  • Stuck thermostat
  • Faulty working
  • Wrong temperature setting
  • Anyways, by following some simple steps, you can fix the defective thermostat by yourself.


  • First, put your eyes on the temperature of the thermostat. If you see the level is too low or off position, turn the level higher. Check if the furnace is working or not.
  • Sometimes, without overheating issues, it stops operating. Be sure it is stuck or gets faulted. So, repair the factors quickly.
  • Replace the dead batteries sometimes well works.
  • Finally, if all above fails, the problem is the thermostat itself. Replace it by contacting the manufacturer.

7. Tripped Circuit Breaker

A circuit breaker is the primary power source of a house in which several electrical devices are connected. When your furnace is overheated, it sometimes melts the flame sensor or heat sensor.

In this case, the breaker will flip to the Off position. Immediately, the attached device will shut down and stop working.

In some cases, when there are too many appliances connected, it triggers the same situation. Here are some solving steps to fix this:


  • First, unplug all the appliances from the outlets and start connecting one by one.
  • In this sequence, find out the tripped switch. Check the heater in this way.
  • If it works, be sure the problem is with the breaker.
  • When you find any tripped one, just unplug it and turn it off. Then turn it ON.
  • If it seems hard to you, contact Soleil ceramic heater technical support team.


How do you turn on a Soleil ceramic heater?

To turn on the heater, press the ON/OFF button from the control panel. If you have the remote control, press the Power button, and the fan starts moving after 1 minute.

Final Verdict:

We have sorted out all the possible reasons why your Soleil ceramic heater failing to operate and their effective solutions. Hopefully, all those work well, and now you can fix your furnace problem easily.

Still, if you have any queries regarding this, let us know through a comment. We’ll help you ASAP.

Soleil Ceramic Heater Not Working [7 Easy Solutions] - FireplaceHubs (2024)


Why is my Soleil ceramic heater not heating? ›

If the heater ceases to function, the most likely cause is a blown fuse. Simply replace the 13amp fuse in the plug and reconnect.

Why is my ceramic heater not working? ›

This could be due to wear and tear, a loose connection, or damaged wires. To identify and fix the problem, it is recommended that you have some basic electrical knowledge, or you can consult a professional to help troubleshoot and repair the heater.

How do I reset my Soleil heater? ›

To reset the heater, follow the next steps: ·Turn the control setting to the 'O' position. Unplug the heater and wait 5-10minutes for the unit to cool down. After the unit has cooled, plug it in and operate normally. Turn selector switch into desired position (Fan, Low or High).

Why does my ceramic heater keep turning off? ›

Troubleshooting Guide: When Your Heat Keeps Turning Off

Check the Thermostat: Ensure your thermostat is set to the desired temperature. Low batteries can also cause malfunctions—replace them if needed. Inspect Air Filters: Dirty filters restrict airflow, leading to overheating.

Why is my heater not pushing out heat? ›

One of the most common issues with a heating system not functioning is dirty air filters. If your air filters are extremely dirty, then the airflow can be blocked. Check for clean air filters, vents, and registers. Make sure there are no rugs or furniture blocking vents or registers as well.

Can you leave a ceramic heater on all the time? ›

When you leave the room, you need to turn off your space heater. This is the very best way to make sure that it doesn't tip over and that nothing flammable accidentally comes in contact with the heating element.

What is the warranty on Soleil heaters? ›

Soleil Heaters doing business as Geneva industrial Group Inc. warrants that for a period of one year from the date of purchase, this product will be free from defects in material and workmanship.

How do I get my heater to work again? ›

7 Basic Tips For Fixing Your Heater Like a Pro
  1. See if the thermostat is responding. ...
  2. Check the thermostat settings. ...
  3. Change the air filter. ...
  4. Check the circuit breakers. ...
  5. Check the ON/OFF switch. ...
  6. Open and securely close the furnace door. ...
  7. Check the gas valve by your furnace.
Nov 2, 2021

Why does my heater keep turning on then off? ›

So, if your furnace keeps turning off and on too quickly, your thermostat might be malfunctioning or broken. There are several things that could be causing your thermostat to not work properly. The wiring could be old and need replacing, it might need new batteries, or it could be the location of your thermostat.

Can you use on off thermostat with ceramic heater? ›

Because of their on/off nature, these thermostats are not suitable for controlling light emitting heat sources such as bulbs, or for controlling ceramic heat emitters, as they have a tendency to blow the bulb frequently and also turning the light on and off regularly may be disturbing to your reptile.

Why is my electric heater not putting out heat? ›

The most common issues include a faulty thermostat but these issues could also be a sign of a clogged filter, dirty air ducts, or a serious problem with your furnace.

Why is my heater not calling for heat? ›

Normal reason for a pressure switch fault are a faulty vent motor, blocked or restricted vent or intake piping, or clogged drain lines (on 90% efficiency and higher models). However, some no-heat calls are the result of a faulty pressure switch that will sometimes stick closed or open.

Why is my sauna heater not heating up? ›

If your sauna isn't heating up, you can check the wiring, thermostat, heating elements, and power supply and if the air vents are clogged. If you're still unsure, you can always contact a technician to handle the issue.

Why is my heater not getting hot enough? ›

Check Your Vents & Ducts.

Also, do not close vents in unused rooms as this can cause airflow issues as well. The harder your furnace has to work to push air through the ventilation system, the longer it takes to bring the heat up. Dirt, dust and debris cause your furnace to work harder than necessary.

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