Matthew Perry's personal wealth stood at $1.5M when he died (2024)

Matthew Perry's personal wealth stood at nearly half a million more than expected, new court filings have revealed.

Perry -who died from a ketamine overdose aged 54 on October 28, 2023-created a will in 2009 saying he wanted to leave 'a majority of his belongings' to the Alvy Singer Living Trust he created, namedafter Woody Allen's 1977 Annie Hall character.

The beneficiaries are listed as the star's father John Perry, mother Suzanne Morrison, half-sister Caitlin Morrison and his ex-girlfriend Rachel Dunn, who he dated from 2003 to 2005.

Previous court documents listed the value of the star's personal property as a 'little over $1million' - this money is what his executors found as additional assets that are not already in his private trust. Perry was worth an estimated $120million.

But new filings from last month now show that Perry's personal property was worth more than expected, as an inventory and appraisal document shows a balance of $1,596,914.47, the US Sun reports.

Matthew Perry's will has left more than $1.5million in a trust he established named after a famed Woody Allen film character (pictured 2022)

Matthew Perry is pictured with his mother Suzanne, right, and his sister Emily, left

Perry's parents will likely take on his acting royalties as well as other parts of his estate which includes his 2022 memoir, according to Day Pitney trusts and estates partner Tasha Dickinson. Seen with his father John in October

Perry with his ex-girlfriend Rachel Dunn, who he dated from 2003 to 2005, and named her as a beneficiary in his will in 2009 (pictured together in 2004)

This is in addition to what co-executors Lisa Ferguson and Mike Myers' ex-wife Robin Ruzan, who worked on game show Celebrity Liar with Perry in the 2010s, previously put into the living trust.

The Chandler Bing actor - who starred on Friends from 1994-2004 - made a reported $20million a year in residuals from the show.

Perry's parents will likely take on his acting royalties as well as other parts of his estate which includes his 2022 memoir, according to Day Pitney trusts and estates partner Tasha Dickinson.

On the other beneficiary, Rachel Dunn, Perry wrote in his memoir that she was 'the ex-girlfriend of his dream.'

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The two ended things around the time Friends wrapped and Perry included her in her will in 2009, four years after their breakup.

'There was no drama involved (in the breakup), just a commitment by Matthew to stay focused on his sobriety,' a source close to the former couple told People at the time.

He had dated famous ladies as well - including Julia Roberts, Neve Campbell, Natasha Wagner and Lizzy Caplan- but they were not in the will.

The recently filed documents state that Perry owned no real property in California when he died and the $6million Pacific Palisades home where he died is reportedly still in trustee Ferguson's name. It is understood to not have been sold yet.

A house in the Hollywood Hills, which Perry had bought under his Alvy Singer LLC before his death, recently went up for sale for $5,195,000.

He bought the three bed four bath property, which sprawls over2,566 square feet on a 9,622 square foot lot and was fully furnished, for $4,995,000 on May 31, 2023.

The stunning home perches in the hills above the iconic Sunset Strip and boasts a classic look, with walls of glass surrounding a sun-filled patio at the center of the property.

His Pacific Palisades home was reportedly being renovated around the time of his death last year and he had been renting a three-bed home overlooking Beverly Hills for $49,000 per month while the renovations were ongoing.

The Pacific Palisades is home is where Perry was found dead in the hot tub

Mike Myers' ex-wife Robin Ruzan is listed as one of the executors of Perry's will - both Perry and Ruzan worked on game show Celebrity Liar in the 2010s (pictured with Myers in 2004)

The star, who died without ever having children, had also made a distinction in his will that any kids he may have after 2009 were not 'explicitly entitled' to his fortune.

Perrydied from the 'acute effects of ketamine' and drowning, his autopsy revealed - with the actor having similar quantities of ketamine in his system as a hospital patient under general anesthetic.

'The County of Los Angeles Department of Medical Examiner determined the cause of death for 54-year-old actor Matthew Langford Perry as the acute effects of ketamine,' the Los Angeles coroner's office said.

'Contributing factors in Mr. Perry's death include drowning, coronary artery disease, and the effects of buprenorphine (used to treat opioid use disorder). The manner of death is accident.'

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Perry was found face-down in the hot tub, which adjoins the swimming pool at his Los Angeles home at 4.17pm on October 28, stunning the world of showbiz and breaking the hearts of fans worldwide.

He had been receiving ketamine infusion therapy as treatment for depression, the medical examiner reported - but the last session was a week and a half before he died, and the ketamine is only in your system for three to four hours, which means it did not lead directly to his death.

'At the high levels of ketamine found in his postmortem blood specimens, the main lethal effects would be from both cardiovascular overstimulation and respiratory depression,' the medical examiner, Raffi Djabourian, concluded.

Perry's blood ketamine levels were at 3,540 ng/ml in peripheral blood, and 3,271 ng/ml in central blood.

For a patient under general anesthetic in a hospital, a blood ketamine level of 1,000 - 6,000 ng/ml would be normal, the medical examiner explained.

'Drowning contributes due to the likelihood of submersion into the pool as he lapsed into unconsciousness; coronary artery disease contributes due to exacerbation of ketamine induced myocardial effects on the heart.

'Buprenorphine effects are listed as contributory, even though not at toxic levels, due to the additive respiratory effects when present with high levels of ketamine.'

He had no alcohol, cocaine, heroin, meth or fentanyl in his system.

Perry and Dunn are pictured above as they attended an awards show in Los Angeles together in 2004

Perry was declared dead at the scene and the medical examiner conducted the autopsy on October 29, after which he declared his death to be accidental.

There is however a probe into his tragic death, as it has been revealed byPeoplelast week that law enforcement believes that 'multiple people' should be charged.

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An investigative source from law enforcement said that investigation is now 'nearing its conclusion.'

The source did not clarify who the 'multiple people' potentially facing charges are, adding that any future action will ultimately be determined by the U.S. Attorney's Office.

In December last year, a medical expert speculated to Page Six the actor had 'likely' obtained ketamine illegally for 'recreational use,' however.

In collaboration with the DEA and the U.S. Postal Inspector, LAPD then started investigating where the ketamine came from that 'ended up playing a part' in the actor's death.

At the time, TMZ reported that an ongoing investigation was looking to deduce where the actor - who spent years battling alcoholism and drug addiction - got the ketamine.

'Law enforcement sources tell us there is an ongoing investigation into where Matthew got the ketamine that ended up playing a part in his death - and the main questions are who provided the drug, and under the circ*mstances,' the outlet reported.

Charlie Sheen 's ex-wife Brooke Mueller was 'romantically involved' with Matthew Perry nearly two decades ago, it has been claimed; Mueller is pictured that year, 2006

Perry's ex-girlfriend Kayti Edwards (pictured 2018) has claimed she and Mueller dated him simultaneously after the three of them met in Alcoholics Anonymous in 2006

Later in 2006, Mueller was introduced to Charlie Sheen, whom she got engaged to the following year and ultimately married in 2008; Mueller and Sheen pictured at the 2008 Emmys

Sources also told the outlet that 'both local police and the DEA have been looking into this matter for months, but it's unclear where exactly investigators are in the probe.'

It was also revealed that they had already talked to 'some key people in Hollywood,' who are 'known to have a history of drug use or abuse,' as they 'could have information leading to the source,' per the report.

One of these 'key people' is believed to be Charlie Sheen's ex-wife Brooke Mueller, who was reportedly questioned by the authorities over the late Friends star's fatal overdose.

Read More Charlie Sheen's ex-wife Brooke Mueller have have 'dated Matthew Perry'

Allegations surfaced last week that Mueller was interviewed 'multiple times' by the LAPD in relation to Perry's death last year of 'acute effects of ketamine.'

Mueller was never arrested or handcuffed regarding the inquiries, and sources tellInTouchshe has been cooperating with the criminal investigation.

Perry's ex-girlfriend, Kayti Edwards, alleged she and Mueller dated him simultaneously after the three of them met in Alcoholics Anonymous.

'Brooke dated Matthew in 2006, at around the time I first started hanging out with Matthew,' Edwards, 48, told The US Sun- adding that she believes Perry and Mueller may have 'reconnected' in his final years.

'They definitely did not first meet initially in rehab, we all met in AA in 2006,' said Edwards, who later worked as Perry's assistant in 2010 and 2011.

'She and I were seeing him at the same time, there was no girlfriend and boyfriend relationship - we just dated,' she continued and added that he would take Mueller out on dates and that the two were 'definitely romantically involved'.

Later in 2006, Mueller was introduced to Charlie Sheen, whom she got engaged to the following year and ultimately married in 2008.

Matthew Perry's personal wealth stood at $1.5M when he died (2024)
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